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Please choose your cut sheet below. If you have any questions regarding your cut sheet reach out to Lisa at (719) 541-1002 or email her at


What is a cut sheet?

  • A cut sheet lets YOU choose what cuts you want and don’t want, what thickness you desire for steaks, how many pounds you want that roast and how many steaks per package.

  • We also have some predetermined sheets available, so you don’t have to decide what you like.

How does a cut sheet work?

  • When you order, there is a link in the description of the item. Click on the link, and it will take you to a variety of cut sheet styles. Fill it out and email it back to me

Does this really mean I can select the type of cuts?

  • Yes, it sure does! Use the filled out cut sheet(s) below and begin selecting!

May I please see a copy of what a cut sheet looks like?

  • Absolutely, just click one of the DOWNLOAD links below.

I'm still lost, may I call the ranch to discuss further? This is a new concept to me.

  • Yes, call or email any questions you may have, and we will help you out. 719.541.1002 or

Ah ... I get it now but I am concerned about space. How much freezer space will I need?

  • Great question. About 1 cubic foot per 30 pounds (lbs) of meat and room for bones. And, for reference, 1/4 beef is roughly 100 to 150lbs of meat. That’s a lot of incredibly delicious meals prepared with Rafter beef or lamb for you and your family to enjoy.

Since I need freezer space, will my meat(s) come frozen?

  • Another great question. Yes, in order to preserve the meat(s) in delivery it must be transported or shipped FROZEN.

Custom Beef Cut Sheet

Standard Half Sheet

Standard Whole Sheet