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We realize that it’s actually about helping families,
just like yours, that is our true desire!


Let me introduce you to the Wheeler family, and yes, you guessed it, that’s where the “W” comes from in Rafter W Ranch.


Rafter Ranch Generations


Instead of trying to tell you “Who We Are” and dazzle you with our certifications from the American Grassfed Association, or Audubon, or even impress you with terms like Grass Fed, Pasture Raised, or Non-GMO, we’d rather tell you “Why We Are”.

It’s  actually pretty simple.  We know that you care about what your family eats, well, so do we.  We exist so that your family can eat the same delicious, healthy food, that we eat.



Our story began on small lot in Elizabeth, with the desire to live as sustainably as possible by growing our own grass-fed meat and eggs, and to be honest, we just loved the lifestyle and benefits of it.  And low and behold, it turned out that some of our neighbors were curious and started asking us if they could buy our meat and eggs.  We said, well sure.  That was the “light bulb moment”. It wasn’t long after that, that we were blessed with a 100-acres of land.  That’s when our dream of starting a family owned meat and egg company in Colorado started to come true.  After a couple of years, another huge blessing followed.  The property next to us became available, and just like that, we now had a total of 640 acres, not to mention, the property came with a house on it, which is now our home.  This meant we had more ground to grow more soil, which meant more nutrition for more animals.  Now, our entire family, including our children, are all involved in one way or another.  Food we love, grown by people we know, our own family.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s great for your family, but what does that really mean for me and my family?  Well, we are glad you asked.


Rafter Ranch Fence Cows Grass


As much as we are truly grateful for the animal lives that have been given to us, and the incredible blessing and responsibility of caring for the land which is now Rafter W Ranch, we realize that it’s actually about helping families just like yours, that is our true desire.  Give us a try, we look forward to serving you.



The Wheeler Family
Rafter W Ranch