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Health Benefits of Dry-Aged Grass-fed Beef for Baby Boomers

The Rest of our Lives As Baby Boomers, we've seen a lot of change during our time. We've seen wars, space exploration, fad diets, and computers shrinking so small they fit in our pockets. For most of us, one of the things that remain consistent is our love for a good...

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Savory Pastured Chicken Recipes

Whole roasted chicken is a family favorite in many homes. The dish is simple to make, provides a warm, hearty taste that will please even the pickiest of eaters. At Rafter W Ranch, we believe the type of chicken you use in our recipes is one of the most important...

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Organic vs. Pasture-Raised Chicken

As consumers, we are bombarded with labels when shopping for food.  What do they all mean and which is best?  When the choice is between a pasture-raised chicken and one that is labeled organic, the difference comes down to how the chicken was treated during its...

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Cooking Dry-Aged Beef: 6 Tips to Prepare a Succulent Meal

Dry-aged beef is a delectable treat that is enjoyed by many beef enthusiasts and aficionados alike; getting better with age - like a fine wine - dry-aged beef is more tender, and much more succulent than typical beef. Although cooking dry-aged beef takes longer than...

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How to Cook the Best Steak of Your Life for Independence Day!

The Best Steak of Your Life Think back to the best steak of your life. Close your eyes for a moment and remember how it smelled, how the knife melted through it like butter. Think about how it tasted as the first bite rested on your tongue, the texture of it as you...

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Stewing Hens And What They Offer

Learn more about stewing hens and how the traditional farmstead managed their flock. They are a lovely, versatile option that can offer both nutritional benefits and incomparable flavor

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3 Healthy 4th of July Recipes

With the sun staying out longer and the temperature warming, it's time to get out the grill and picnic tables for some summertime fun. Look no further for a few healthy 4th of July recipes that you can whip up in no time for any summer celebration. Yummy 4th of July...

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Grass Finished Lamb Recipes for Quick and Easy Summer Meals

Lamb isn't often thought of beyond the Easter Sunday roast, but there are many reasons you'll want to include it in your summer menu. According to naturopath Dr. Josh Axe, lamb is loaded with iron, B vitamins, protein, and zinc, making it a top option for those...

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What Should I Ask When Buying Pastured Eggs? (+Bonus Tip)

You've made the smart choice and have decided to buy pastured eggs. Great! But is choosing pastured over conventional the only decision you need to make or is there more to know? For instance, are all pastured eggs equally nutritious? Is there a difference between...

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Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Choose Pastured Chicken

It's amazing to see and experience the differences between conventionally raised chicken and pasture-raised poultry. We talk of all of it as "chicken," but in the end, they seem to be two very different products. Why do some people go to the trouble of sourcing...

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