Start Receiving Rafter W Ranch’s Grass Fed Beef in Colorado Today!


Are you a chef or homemaker that loves to create flavorful meals? Are you struggling to find nutrient-dense pastured meat and eggs? Are you looking for meat from animals that have been raised and harvested humanely?  Then you’ve come to the right place, as we provide our animals with nothing but high-quality grass and aim to provide only the finest grass-fed meat delivered throughout all of Colorado. Find a pick-up location near you! In addition to our grass-fed beef, we also offer pastured eggs and many other natural products to our loyal customers.


Once you discover Rafter W Ranch, you can be confident you are giving your health as well as those you love and serve only the most nourishing meals. You will feel more satisfied with every bite.

We began our ranch back in 2014, with the desire to live as sustainably as possible. Though we had been growing our meat and eggs for years in Elizabeth, Colorado on our 2 ½ acre lot, we were blessed with 640 acres and decided to make our dreams possible for ourselves and our customers!

As certified producers for the American Grassfed Association we are very proud of the products that we offer all of our customers and we look forward to delivering some of our grass fed beef to you soon!

How Does It Work?

We believe in the benefits of the local market and producing locally, so we don’t ship any of our product out of the state of Colorado. Once you’ve browsed our store and made a selection, we’ll hand pack and deliver your grass-fed beef to one of our convenient pick-up locations near you throughout the Front Range. 


What’s the status of the Rafter W Ranch?

Our new batch of chickens have started laying! Check out our store for more information.

In October we will have a batch of broilers ready.  Please make your deposit as this will be our only batch for 2017.

What are other customers saying?

"Hope all is going well! We cooked off one of the hanger steaks for dinner last night, and It was by far the best Hanger I have ever had! Just salt and pepper! it was magical!” Greg from Hoof Wing and Fin

"When I open a package of your meat, even when it's frozen hard, it is so aromatic and smells so good that it makes my mouth water! And it tastes as good as it smells too!” - Julie 

"The liver was delicious and sweet, even had it for lunch two days after I made it and enjoyed every bite.  I gave a pkg to my widow friend and she could not stop thanking me for it...she loved it !  She asked me if I would share my next pkg with her...and I will....there are 4 slices in the pkg”  - Suzanne

"Just had my first bite of the ground beef. I have to say ...I didn't know meat could taste like that! The flavor is delicious with something different I can't quite put my finger on, so will guess it is your intention and love/care of your animals. Wow! I just wanted to share my first experience of Rafter W beef with you :) And the eggs ....Delicious! Creamy and full of nutrients and flavor. Thank You!"  - Sara 


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