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Superfood That’s Super Versatile

Everyone knows eggs are packed with protein. They are also excellent sources of Vitamins A and E. But did you know you can supercharge these benefits just by choosing pastured eggs? Hens on pasture enjoy the benefits of sunshine, the pleasure of scratching for insects and worms, the variety of nutritious forage and room to exercise their chicken-ness. And it turns out this creates a real superfood product:

  • Mother Earth News has tested eggs on pasture against conventionally produced eggs and found major nutritional differences, including three times as much Vitamin E. Beta carotene showed a 7-fold increase over conventionally farmed eggs, and Vitamin D was up to six times as high! Nature’s convenient package of sunshine, in a shell.
  • Penn State did a study that showed a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in pastured eggs, and in fact found they had more than twice the conventional levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Compare this buffet of brain fuel and heart-healthy nutrition to a sugar-laden breakfast cereal. There is no comparison! One offers a quick shot of energy before leaving you (or your kids) drained, foggy, or cranky. The other provides antioxidants, immune supportbone and heart healthneural development (especially in children), and more.

Pastured eggs are also incredibly convenient and versatile — scrambled, fried (with steak, for a hearty ranch breakfast), poached, boiled (take on-the-go!), or as part of your baking. Joel Salatin, farmer, author and educator, tells a story of providing pastured eggs like ours to upscale chefs, who claim the yolks and whites hold firmly together, pastries stay fresh longer, wedding cakes are fluffier. Their impact in home baking is just as lovely – richer, stronger, healthier delights.

We’d love for you to enjoy the benefits of this superfood on a regular basis. That’s why we at Rafter W Ranch make sure our hens have everything they need to live an optimal life and produce an exceptional product. Good for them, good for us … there really is nothing better!