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At Rafter W Ranch, we understand the effort required of finding healthy, meat for your family, free of hormones and antibiotics. It is difficult to scan the fine print on every label at the grocery store, yet you want to know you’re choosing meat from animals raised naturally, using methods that also protect rather than harm the environment.

With the increasing concern over meat that has steroids and antibiotics, you wonder if you can fully trust label claims like “natural“, which can be meaningless. But with limited time, you need to make efficient choices when shopping. Finding a source you can really trust can simplify your meat purchasing – one with specific certifications will provide assurance about how your meat was produced. Rafter W Ranch stands ready to be that source. There are 4 reasons  you can know our meat is guaranteed to meet your high standards:


1. Audubon Certified

Audubon Certified ranches are bird-friendly, meaning they manage their animals in ways  that protect (and often even helps) native grassland bird species. Beef that is Audubon Certified is hormone- and antibiotic-free. GUARANTEED.  So, you can be assured that you’re protecting your family as well as helping to protect bird habitats. Rafter W Ranch is proud to be one of only fourteen Audubon Certified ranches present in Colorado and Wyoming.  Learn more about the benefits of this certification here.


2. American Grassland Certified

Grassland Certified farms raise  animals with a diet of only grass and forage,only on pasture, and never use antibiotics or hormones on their animals. The program does not allow the use of genetically-engineered or cloned animals. Grass-fed meat is healthy for consumers, animals, and the land. The American Grassland certifications assure consumers that their meat was truly grass-fed. GUARANTEED.  To view AGA’s standards, click here.


3. Non-GMO, Soy-Free, Corn-Free

At Rafter W Ranch, we believe that letting animals forage  for their own food is a better use of land than growing corn and soy for livestock feed. It also leads to happier animals and healthier meat! And because we don’t want GMO ingredients in our own diets, we don’t feed them to our animals, either. When you buy Rafter W Ranch meat, you can be sure it’s  GMO-free… GUARANTEED.


4. No Animal By-Products

Some producers do use animal byproducts (like “chicken litter“) to feed livestock more cheaply. These products can be a source of disease, and they are far less healthy than letting animals graze only on pasture as they’re meant to. At Rafter W Ranch, we never feed animal byproducts to our livestock….GUARANTEED!


Rafter W Ranch meat is GUARANTEED healthier for your family, and for the land. It’s also dry-aged for 30 days…Taste the Difference!