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Rafter Ice Cream

Check out this summer favorite and keep cool in 6 simple steps.


One (1) Quart

Ready In:

PREP: Less than 30 minutes
READY: Once frozen

Ah, summer!  It’s here and it has not disappointed (well, it’s been a bit hot!). So, here on the ranch we have been experimenting a little. No, we have not figured out how to make it snow … yet! However, we have figured out how to keep the kids happy, cool, and fed (all at the same time).

Try this AMAZING RECIPE below and share it with your friends too. Oh, and you’ll need some eggs (wink, wink!).

Ingredients & Instructions

1) Grab a blender
2) Grab 18 egg yolks … from Rafter eggs of course
3) Fill up the remainder to the 4 cup mark with half and half
4) Add a half a cup (or more) of honey
5) Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of vanilla
6) Blend and put into your ice cream maker

Yes, the ice cream will be yellow 🥰  … the egg yolks really help the scoop-ability of the ice cream, just pull it out of the freezer and scoop. For us, we have not had to “thaw” before serving.

ADDITIONAL TIP: Add chocolate chips or real peanut butter scoops, or both … adding these extras can give your ice cream that extra punch for you and your kids. Yummy!!!