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What do I do to make the Bone Broth tasty?

Hoof Wing and Fin make their bone broth with roasted bones ( knuckle and marrow bones), some added ginger, garlic and onion for flavor, but do not add salt, as some people like to add their own. They sell it by the cup with added flavors.  You may want to look at their menu and see what they add to give you some tips. ;-)
I would suggest that you add butter ( kerrygold is my favorite ) and  salt  ( Himalayan salt is awesome!) for more flavoring and if you would like to further enhance it, add some parsley, carrots or such and simmer it for 10-15 min.
I generally don’t drink bone broth straight up, but add it to soups.
I love to drink meat stock, however, because the roasted meat gives another whole dimension to the flavors.  

There are many health benefits to both beef bone broth and beef meat stock.  Both have their place.