Isn’t liver old-fashioned?

Beef liver, from a pastured animal, is an amazing powerhouse of nutrition. Traditional peoples often considered vitamin-rich organ meats as the prime elements in their diet (this is apparent in nature too, because the predator also prioritizes organ meats when eating prey). In fact, modern science now knows that organ meats (such as liver) are between 10 and 100 times as rich in fat-soluble vitamins than the typical muscle meats (think steak, roast, etc). It’s an amazing source of minerals too, and contrary to some concerns is NOT a storehouse for the toxins that the liver removes from the system.

Great! I’m convinced! Now what?

Preparing beef liver isn’t a skill most of us are familiar with these days. It can be a challenge, when faced with an entire liver, to figure out what exactly to do with it. Have no fear. There are a couple steps, but all you need is a sharp knife and a work area. First, you’ll need to skin it. There is a membrane around it that is tough and hard to cut. The best way is to get your thumbs under it and use your hands to separate it from the liver tissue, then peel it off when you’re able. Repeat as necessary.

Secondly, there will probably be a section of larger, tough veins. Carefully use your sharp knife to “scoop” or “gouge” that area out.

Lastly, slice at an angle. All of these steps are clearly demonstrated in this video. Note he is preparing a moose liver, but the process is the same.

How does it taste?

Liver is surprisingly versatile. There truly are hundreds of ways to prepare it and even the most liver-averse among us is likely to find palatable recipes. Our Ultimate Chili recipe is a great way to start if you’re worried about your kids’ (or your own!) tasteful sensibilities. Paté, (here’s a recipe), served with crackers or veggies, can be a nutritious snack that even kids might enjoy (you don’t have to share the recipe with them if you don’t want to). Grinding liver (a food processor works great) and adding a bit to any ground beef meal – spaghetti, soups, tacos – is another way to get the nutritional benefits without being too obvious. And of course, if no one objects, liver and onions is an option. A popular trick for improving the taste is to soak the liver overnight in lemon juice (or water with a splash of white vinegar). Then choose your favorite recipe. This one looks delicious.

I’m in!

Great! You’ll be glad to know that we offer 100% grass-fed beef liver in our shop. Let us know what you make and how you like it!