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There are lots of terms being used these days to describe the methods of farming both plants and animals. Have you heard of Pastured Poultry? Let me tell you what it is and how it makes your chicken better.

According to the American Pastured Poultry Association, Pastured Poultry means that the chickens are allowed to forage in the pasture for bugs, flowers, grasses, and worms in addition to their chicken feed. This makes for healthier chickens, aerated pastures, and more diverse nutrients in each chicken that is harvested. It is a more natural method of raising broiler chickens and creates benefits to the animals, the farmer, and the consumer.

At Rafter W Ranch, chickens are penned into an ever-changing area of pasture with a pen. They are allowed to forage there for the day, protected by the pen and moved each morning.

This benefits you, the consumer in a number of ways. Chickens that are allowed to forage on pastured land usually have less fat at harvest. This means more meat on your table. Chickens that are pastured typically are healthier due to eating more nutritious feed. At harvest, they pass these nutrients onto you. Lastly, pastured poultry just tastes better. I know it sounds too good to be true but these chickens are delicious. If you don’t believe me, you can order some and try them yourself.

Take your taste-buds on a pastured poultry adventure and try some of our Rafter W Ranch pastured chicken. Let us help you taste the difference.