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So you raise Pastured Chicken?

Many people have heard that Pastured chicken is better for both you and the chickens but why? How can conditions affect nutrition? Let me tell you it makes all the difference.

So how are they raised?

Egg-laying Chickens are allowed to graze and forage in pastures all day long with mobile pens. This means that they have are allowed open pasture in a safe, fenced area during the day. At night they retreat to a mobile chicken coop. This allows the chickens to graze on different sections of a pasture each day. They have a brand new menu and they help fertilize the pasture as well.

Broiler Chickens or chickens being raised for meat are also allowed full access to the pasture in a similar way. They rotate their way through the pasture while secure and safe in a broiler pen. The pens have a roof and fencing so it is kind of a coop and fence all in one.
At Rafter W Ranch our process is to have several smaller pens and coops out in pasture. This keeps every flock rotating happily.

Why is it better for me?

Chickens are omnivores, meaning that they eat lots of different things. They are happy to munch on grass, grains, bugs, flowers and berries. While out in the pasture they have access to a much larger variety of foods than in chicken feed alone. They are also moving around more. This means a healthier hen with less fat. You get more meat than fat on your chicken and a more well-rounded diet. The nutrients are passed on to you in the meat or the eggs.

You have to pick what is best for your family. You could buy meat from a traditional chicken farm. Or could try something new. Try pasture-raised chicken and taste the difference for yourself. Some good things can’t be put into words. This is one of them.