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Because there are so many different types of eggs to choose from, understanding the difference between the various types can be confusing. You may have heard of cage-free eggs, free-range eggs, and conventional eggs, but pasture-raised eggs are much different. Are you aware of this type of egg? Research shows that eggs are good for our health, but depending on what the hens that laid our eggs ate, the nutrient value in eggs can vary greatly. For the best in healthy, quality, good-for-you eggs, pasture-raised is the way to go.



You may be wondering what the difference is between pasture-raised eggs and traditional eggs. Conventional eggs, the ones you may have been raised on at home, are the white, supermarket eggs laid by chickens raised in smelly, overcrowded cages or hen houses, often so cramped there is not enough room for them to move. These poor hens never see the light of day, and are not allowed the freedom to run around outside in the fresh air. They are usually fed grain-based feed, supplemented with various vitamins and minerals, and may also be treated with hormones and antibiotics. This does not make for a healthy hen, or healthy, nutritious eggs.

At Rafter W Ranch, we specialize in pasture-raised eggs. If you are someone who loves to prepare flavorful, healthy meals for yourself, friends, and family, and have struggled to find nutrient-dense eggs, you have come to the right place. We promote healthy land and healthy food for healthy families.


How We Do It

Our pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens that are moved every day to feed on fresh grass and bugs, outside in the sunshine. They are in a mobile coop, not a stationary one, and follow behind our cattle on luscious pasture land on our 640-acre ranch in beautiful, sunny Simla,Colorado. They are never fed antibiotics or chemicals, and are allowed to roam free eating plants and bugs, along with some GMO-free, soy-free, corn-free, organic feed. Pasture-raised eggs are more nutritious than any other type of egg.



Eggs are loaded with all sorts of good nutrients for our bodies. They are full of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids, cholesterol, saturated fat, and beta carotene. Contrary to popular belief during the 80s and 90s, recent studies have found that saturated fat and cholesterol are not harmful to our health. Time magazine even featured a cover story in 2016 urging the public to eat butter for better health.

In your quest for healthy food sources, pasture-raised eggs are a food that places high on the list of good things to feed your family. At Rafter W Ranch, we are proud of the eggs our healthy hens produce, and happy to be part of a movement whose goal is healthy land, healthy food, and healthy families.