Did you know that pastured grass-fed beef contains four times more vitamin E than its grain-fed counterpart? It also contains a higher amount of omega-3s and a lower fat content. When you combine this with its amazing flavor, pasture-raised beef is a must-have for every cookout.

From the simple hamburger to the decadent ribeye steak, it’s hard to beat beef on the grill.  But the days of plain cheeseburgers are gone! If you are looking for a few great grilling recipes and tips on how to grill grass-fed beef, read on!

Pasture-Raised Beef Recipes for the Ultimate Cookout:


Dry-Rubbed Flank Steak with Grilled Corn Salsa

If your summer garden has left you with buckets of fresh corn, what better way to serve it than grilled and served over a juicy pastured flank steak? The rub on the steak provides a sweet, smoky flavor, while the corn salsa balances the dish with a fresh acidity and a little bit of heat.


Barbecued Brisket and Burnt Ends

The perfect summer bbq includes a perfectly grilled beef brisket. This recipe cooks slowly for nine hours, giving the meat the ideal tender, juicy, taste. Pair it with a classic potato salad or grilled cornbread.


Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Plain cheeseburgers are great for the kids, but sometimes adults want something a little fancier. Tangy bleu cheese, crisp smoky bacon, and rich avocado make this burger stand out. Enjoy it on a thick, chewy bun or the “naked” version — the classic, minus the bun.


How to Cook the Perfect Grass-fed Steak

Grass-fed beef is full of flavor and contains many vitamins and minerals. But because of its lower fat content, it needs to be grilled a little differently from grain-fed beef. Low temperatures are essential to maintaining flavor and moisture in the steak. Marinating and tenderizing your beef are also helpful. For more cooking tips here.

The best recipes begin with the best ingredients. Visit Rafter W Ranch to view our selection of pasture-raised beef and get everything you need for your next cookout.