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Pan-Seared Lamb Meatballs

Recipe from Terry Fisher, THANK YOU. We had this for a Friday night dinner and the family agreed it was a hit!



Ready In:

1 Hour


Steps To Make It

  • 1-lb RafterWRanch Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Ground Lamb

  • ¼-tsp ground Anise Seed

  • ½-tsp ground Sweet Paprika

  • ¼-tsp ground Coriander Seed

  • 1/8-tsp ground Cumin

  • ½-tsp granulated Garlic (or onion if not preparing onions to go with)

  • Sea Salt and Fresh-Ground Black Pepper (to taste)

  • 1 medium Sweet White Onion (Vidalia, Maui, or Texas 1051 if available)

1) Allow the meat to thaw slowly and warm slowly close to room temperature.  Mix in the dry spices and let meat rest for several minutes. 

2) Peel and slice onion into 2-3 inch rings and set aside.

3) Preheat 10” cast iron skillet to no more than medium heat (yes, it really should be cast iron for this.)

4) Form meat into loose irregular-shaped balls, about 10 per 1 lb of meat.  Be careful not to pack the lamb too much.  Cook over medium heat, turning often until no red or pink appears on the surface.  Do not overcook – the meat should be no more than medium.  Remove meatballs and put aside.

5) Pour out ½ of the fat (never down a drain) and reserve for later.

6) Increase heat to medium-high and cook the onion until tender.  Set aside and drain if you prefer.

7) Serve meatballs on top of bed of onions and sprinkle on parsley to finish.

Optional:  Create a pan sauce for dipping from the onion-infused lamb fat.  I prefer using diluted buttermilk and a combination of brown rice, coconut, and almond flour with a touch of chili powder or cayenne.