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The Problem with Packaging

Walk into the meat section of nearly any grocery store and look at the packaging and label. You will see statements like, “Net Weight” “Solution Added” “Water Added.” What does all of that mean? It means that they are selling you water and chemicals that they’ve added at the same price as what you expect to pay for the meat.


How are We Different?

At Rafter W Ranch we do not add anything to our meat. When you buy a pound of meat that’s what you get from the inside out. Our animals are fed soy free and corn free, non-GMO and grass-fed beef is just that, GRASS-FED, in a pasture, not a feedlot as certified by AGA. The only supplements we give them are trace minerals, no artificial hormones or other drugs.


What About “Dry-Aged Beef“?

Dry-aged beef is more expensive because of a couple of factors:

  • Extra Step: Most of the time meat is packaged within hours of butchering. Dry-aged meat must be stored at very precise temperatures and monitored closely throughout the process that can be from weeks to months depending on the desired final product. At Rafter W Ranch our 30-Day Dry-Age process produces the best results for us.
  • Low Moisture Content: While the term “Dry-Aged” refers to the conditions the meat is aged in, the meat quite literally loses moisture as it ages.

While it may cost a little more per pound you are not paying for the water weight present in “un-aged” beef, and once you’ve tried it you will be able to taste why it is worth the extra time and cost.


Why Not Buy Meat at the Store?

If you’ve watched the news or paid any attention to social media it will come as no surprise that we have some serious issues with food safety. It seems everything from spinach to ground beef is at risk for E-Coli contamination due to poor sanitation or handling. This is often the result of “Big Ag” striving to maximize profits by sacrificing quality for speed.


What Makes Rafter W Ranch Different?

At Rafter W Ranch, we offer a wide variety of protein options in addition to our grass-fed beef steaks and roasts, including pasture-raised chicken, pasture raised lamb and pastured eggs. Everything at our ranch is GMO-free, Corn free and Soy free.

We make it easy to order from us, you can buy daily staples or buy in bulk. Just click the button below and check out our wide variety of options.