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What you need to know

How our Pickup Locations Work:

  • Customers place orders for grass-fed meat on our website for your specific pickup location.
  • Once orders of Colorado grass-fed beef are packed the customer’s credit card is charged, and their order is loaded on the truck.
  • Our delivery truck and personnel will meet each customer at your pickup location to deliver each order.

We make hosting a location simple and easy! 

Location Leader Responsibilities:

  • Spread the word about our products with your friends and neighbors.
  • Provide a convenient and accessible pickup location for us to meet each customer. (Home driveways usually work just fine!)
  • Before pickup, we provide you with a copy of each customer’s order and contact information. While it’s not required, you are always welcome to send a group email to any new customers to introduce yourself and remind them of their pickup day and time. (This simple gesture helps create a sense of connection and community with members of your location, plus they’ll be happy to hear that their Colorado grass-fed meat is arriving soon.)
  • If possible, we encourage you to be present during each delivery to help us greet each customer when they arrive. (Just let us know if/when you will be on vacation and we can make accommodations.)

Location Leader Benefits:

  • Experience the personal rewards of making a positive difference in your community by providing folks with a convenient location for receiving products from our farm!
  • Enjoy the convenience of having our products delivered directly from our farm to your home or designated pickup location.
  • Free delivery – As a Location Leader you are not charged delivery fees on your orders of grass-fed meat!
  • As a “thank you” for absorbing more activity in your driveway, Location Leaders receive credit for new customers that join your club.

Colorado, We are Farming for You and Your Family!

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