Know What Meat Guarantees Mean

You’ve likely encountered this scenario when shopping at your local grocery store or market:

You approach the meat counter or meat cooler, you scan the products and see an assortment of logos and labels, claiming “Grass-Fed”, “Organic”, “No Added Hormones” and you begin to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because you don’t know what the right choice is based on your lifestyle and health needs. That’s where Rafter comes in! As a small, family-owned business, we provide guaranteed meat through several sources making it clear for you to know what our guarantees mean.


Rafter’s Top 3 Meat Guarantees

1) Audubon Certified

Rafter W Ranch is an Audubon Certified ranch. What does that mean to you? We believed in honest, clean food. Our cattle have always been fed only grass and minerals, never steroids, drugs, or antibiotics. With our certification, we are promising our customers that we are mindful about the way we treat our cattle. With Audubon’s stamp of approval, we are ensuring that our beef is raised in a sustainable environment and has done its part to benefit the wildlife surrounding us. We take this very seriously and are honored to have been recognized by such a reputable organization.

2) AGA

Rafter W Ranch is also an AGA (American Grassfed Association Certified) ranch. AGA certification means that our animals are fed 100% forage or grass, they were raised in a pasture and not in confinement, and they were never treated with hormones or antibiotics. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the animals were raised in their natural environment and that the meat is free of any unnecessary chemicals.

3) Organic, Non-GMO, Soy, and Corn Free

We guarantee that all of our meat products are organic, non-GMO, soy, and corn free. Knowing this gives our customers confidence when purchasing our meat products. They know that the product will meet their dietary needs and that they will not run into an issue with an allergy or reaction.

Having this information available to you, you know you can make a wise choice in choosing meat from Rafter W Ranch. You know that your meat is guaranteed and certified with reputable national organizations. Rafter W Ranch has clear cut protocols and processes for raising our animals, giving you all of the information you need to make an informed choice for your meat purchases.