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Keyline Design … It’s Benefits for You, the Cattle, and the Land

Keyline design is a land management practice that uses the natural ridges and contours of a property’s topography to slow, spread, and sink rainwater. Doing so allows rainfall to spread more evenly throughout the property, resulting in less runoff, more drought tolerance, and improved soil fertility.

Landowners all around the world are seeking more sustainable, cost-effective ways to manage their properties. Carbon emissions and a loss of biodiversity are common side effects of traditional land management styles. Permaculture keyline design, on the other hand, is a land management practice that helps to combat these issues.

Though it was first implemented nearly 75 years ago, keyline design has skyrocketed in popularity in the past two decades. As farmers become more aware of unsustainable farming practices and seek to find a better way, they are increasingly moving towards this land management style.

Keyline design can be used on all properties, whether they are large-scale farming and ranching operations or small hobby farms. Even land without large ridges and valleys can benefit from keyline cultivation and planning.

Keyline design can seem complicated, but it’s actually quite simple to apply. It may take a few years to make noticeable improvements, but as time progresses, the benefits are unmistakable. The improvements to the land and environment pay for themselves rather quickly.

Watch and listen to our own Lance Wheeler speak about keyline design and what it means to Rafter W Ranch and you, our customer. Audubon | Rockies visited our ranch and here was the outcome:


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