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Just a Hamburger, Not on the Grill

Do you ever want just a hamburger, but DON’T want to start the grill? Well, that is me. So, what do I do?

So … I don’t do anything fancy! And, believe it or not, neither should you.

Don’t get out the charcoal.

Don’t heat up that grill.

Don’t even go outside.

Here’s my simple recipe … make a 1/2lb patty, salt and pepper it, then sear on a HOT cast iron ….. so hot it’s smoking (no need to call the fire department!). Sear it for 3 minutes … per side.  On the flip side, place a tablespoon of butter (yum, no guilt here!).  Then, after the searing of both sides (for those keeping score at home, this is after 6 minutes), place into an oven at 450° degrees for about 5 to 10 minutes with another bit of butter. Now, it’s time to remove it and cover it for 5 more minutes. Once your 5 minutes are up, place this amazing hamburger on a toasted bun that’s buttered (ha, more butter!).

This is my favorite way to prepare our burgers for family and friends. Simple. Tasty. And, no grill.