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We love sharing healthy recipes, and what better than an ice cream recipe? This ice cream is healthy, keto-friendly and delicious.

The Work of Healthy Eating

Sticking to healthy eating can be a challenge in our sugar-saturated culture. Every grocery ad, every birthday party or celebratory event can be a gauntlet of temptation to those trying to follow healthier eating habits. Making treats that omit some of the worst ingredients can be a helpful tool; they can help you avoid the really bad stuff. But healthy eating is not just about avoidance, saying “no” to all the sweet stuff and toxins (although that certainly is part of it). Healthy eating is also about seeking out good foods. The best foods (that’s why we at Rafter W Ranch are so committed to raising our animals the way we do).

Alternative “treats” can be more than just “not bad.” Your treat could, in fact, be a nutritional positive; a superfood that would boost health, help regulate hormones and energy, fuel your brain, provide fat-soluble vitamins in a natural balance and be an overall net benefit!

Superfood Eggs

Our pastured eggs are powerhouses of nutrition. Pastured eggs have been tested to have 3x the Vitamin E, 7x the beta-carotene, and 6x the Vitamin D of conventional eggs. There’s also a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in eggs raised like ours, where hens have the room to scratch and peck, forage for insects, worms, and greens, and enjoy life as nature intended.

Ice Cream

And you can get all of that goodness in a delicious bowl of ice cream! Not just any ice cream though. Dave Asprey of Bulletproof packs in the superfoods in this recipe. You’ll need:

  • Pastured eggs and egg yolks
  • Vanilla
  • Apple cider vinegar or lime juice
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Coconut oil
  • MCT oil
  • Xylitol or erythritol
  • Ice and water
  • Chocolate powder (optional)

Here is the ingredient list and directions:

4 whole eggs (pastured…. of course)
4 yolks
2 tsp vanilla (I use vanilla powder)
1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil (or substitute half Cacao Butter for amazing taste)
50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) MCT oil (important for consistency)
80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol (or more to taste – you can add up to 160 grams if you want)
~100 grams water or ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
(optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of low-toxin Cocoa powder ( this makes it taste like chocolate cake batter…..I’m serious!!!!)
(optional) frozen raspberries
Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on.

How do you like your ice cream?

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