Buy Grass-Fed Beef Online at Rafter W Ranch!

Here at Rafter W Ranch, we believe in the local economy and the concept of eating local. For this reason, we have chosen to offer grass-fed meat delivery to all of our product pick-up locations in Colorado, rather than shipping to customers across the nation. Check out our pick-up locations across the Front Range to find the one that’s the most convenient for you.

Step 1:

Create your free account on our website and choose the pickup location closest to you. We will use this account to keep track of your orders, send you updates on your favorite products, and provide you with the convenience of easy re-ordering!

Step 2:

Browse through our store, which includes an ever-growing selection of pasture-raised products such as grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, and bone broth. Add the products you like to your cart and click checkout! It’s never been easier to buy grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs, and more!

Step 3:

Once you have purchased your grass-fed beef online, we will begin the collecting and packaging the products you’ve selected. Each order we fill is hand-packed by our team at our ranch in Simla, CO. Once filled, we will meet you at the pick-up location you’ve selected.

Important Notes:

 How Pickup Locations with Rafter W Ranch work:

You’ll select your preferred pick-up location at the time of your order.

Once you’ve decided to buy grass-fed beef or another product from us and the order has been filled at our ranch in Simla, we’ll charge your credit card and load your products onto our truck for transport.

Our delivery truck will meet you at the pick-up location on the day and time we’ve arranged.

Becoming a Pickup Location for our Grass Fed Meat Delivery Business:

We’re always looking to expand our network of pick-up locations across the Front Range to serve more customers with our natural, pasture-raised products.

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