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The Rest of our Lives

As Baby Boomers, we’ve seen a lot of change during our time. We’ve seen wars, space exploration, fad diets, and computers shrinking so small they fit in our pockets. For most of us, one of the things that remain consistent is our love for a good steak grilled to juicy perfection.

The Best of our Lives

Now that we’re a little older we’ve begun to enjoy the finer things in life. Probably most important is the time we spend with friends and loved ones and maintaining an active lifestyle. It seems what we desire most cannot be bought; time, energy and health must be earned with good decisions and proper habits.

The Fuel of our Lives

A well-balanced diet plays a vital role in maintaining our body and gives us the best chance of a long, energetic and healthy life. There are many schools of thought on what is the best diet, a quick internet search will leave you dazed and confused. However, most experts agree that avoiding processed, packaged foods filled with preservatives is a good start. If we think about what our ancestors ate thousands of years ago then we have a picture of what our bodies were designed for; meat, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

The Benefits of Dry-Aged Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is superior to grain-fed in several categories such as higher Omega 3, higher protein, lower fat, and lower calorie content. Dry-aging has the additional benefit of natural enzymes acting on the meat during the aging process. This makes the steak more tender, easier to chew and digest while at the same time increasing the flavor profile and overall satisfaction with the meal.

Buying From the Source

At Rafter W Ranch we specialize in humanely raised, certified grass-fed, pastured meats. Our steaks, in particular, are Dry-Aged 28-30 days resulting in a difference you can taste. If you needed an extra reason to give us your business keep in mind that our pastures are Audubon Certified as being good habitat for prairie songbirds. Please, give us a chance to earn your business by clicking on this link to see some options for where to buy dry-aged grass-fed beef. You won’t be disappointed.