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Your “Go-To” for Grass-Fed Meat

Rafter W Ranch is the top choice in Colorado for grass-fed meat; you can be sure that our grass-fed meats meet these three important standards:


1) Grass-Finished

At Rafter W Ranch, we believe that animals should live in their natural environment and eat a diet that is natural for the animals. The cattle at Rafter W Ranch happily eat grass as they graze the pastures. Not only is a grass-fed diet best for the cows, but it’s also best for you. Cows that are grass-fed result in leaner, more nutritious beef. We are AGA certified by the American Grassfed Association and Audubon certified by Audubon International.


2) Pasture-Raised

The cattle, chickens, and lambs roam freely in the pastures of Rafter W Ranch. When you buy grass-fed meat from Rafter W Ranch, you are also supporting sustainable farming and ethical farming practices. The cows roam freely and eat a nutritious diet that is natural to them. They are less likely to get sick than standard commercial cows who may live in sub-par living conditions and overcrowded lots at the end of their lives. The cows at Rafter W Ranch are happy cows. The chickens also roam the farm and help break down the manure and enrich the soil. The cows and chickens work together to keep the soil rich; in turn, the fertile soil helps to ensure the health of the grass and animals.


3) Non-GMO and No Antibiotics

We believe in providing the best pastures and food for our farm animals. In turn, our animals are healthy. We do not feed any of our animals GMO foods. We also don’t feed any of our animals byproducts. Our cows, chickens, and lambs are free to graze the pastures and are fed only foods that are a part of their natural diets. Our animals are healthy. We don’t give our animals antibiotics; if an animal does become sick, then it is separated from the herd.

You can purchase our grass finished meats at any of these locations. You can also order online; we ship within in Colorado! We strive for customer satisfaction. Contact us for more information.