How Grass-Fed Helps the Environment


Audubon Society

In the late 1800’s hats adorned with bird feathers were at the height of fashion. In 1896, a group of ladies concerned with the ever decreasing numbers of shorebirds organized what would become the first chapter of the Audubon Society in an effort to curtail bird harvests. Over the years more chapters formed and gave birth to the National Audubon Society. Today, the National Audubon Society is committed to protecting birds at all stages of their life cycle.


Silent Spring

In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in which she foretold a tale of doom for not only birds and other wildlife but for all life on our planet. She used information from the federal government and chemical pesticide manufacturers alike to shine a bright light on the dangers of misusing DDT and other pesticides. Her work, among others, set in motion sweeping environmental legislation a decade later.


How We are Helping

At Rafter W Ranch we have partnered with the Audubon Society.

North America’s grassland birds are in trouble. Constant habitat degradation by suburban expansion, pesticide and herbicide overuse are a very real threat to our birds.

Audubon Certification means that ranches like Rafter W Ranch are working to ensure proper land management for the benefit of cattle, birds, wildlife and the people that live here. It is apparent that all Life benefits from healthy ecosystems with clean water and healthy soil.


American Grassfed Association

Rafter W Ranch is also AGA Certified. This means we are committed to raising and finishing all of our cattle on grass so it is vital we care for our land. We employ rotational grazing to eliminate overgrazing and soil erosion. This helps us keep our land vibrant and our streams clean. It also allows for plant diversity for nesting habitat and to encourage pollinators and other wildlife to flourish.


How Can You Help?

You too can join the Audubon Society and get involved. In addition, supporting businesses that care about the environment goes a long ways toward making sure those businesses can continue to care for the land.

Now that you know a little more about how grass-fed helps the environment, we would love for you to “Taste the Difference.” HERE are some options to buy our products.