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Why Your Family Needs to Eat Pastured Chicken

Do you ever wonder where your food came from and how it was raised? Grocery stores do little to help you find these answers and even their labels do not always mean what they should. Here at Rafter W Ranch we truly raise pastured chicken on a natural Non-GMO diet. This delicious chicken offers you and your family peace of mind and a satisfied belly at dinner time.

Let me assure you, our grass-fed chickens are running around and scratching after feed, they are not being fed corn and soy as they sit in tiny dark cages. So what makes our pastured chickens the top choice to feed your family?

Non-GMO Feed

Did you know, according to this article, that up until recently most store-bought chickens were fed an arsenic component in their feed to help ward off parasites? Although it is now banned due to the obvious concerns, there really is no way to know exactly what your chicken nugget ate while growing up. In fact, almost all commercial feed contains pesticide residue which is ingested by the animal.

Our chickens are raised and fed according to their natural instincts. They scratch and pick up what nature provides for them while living comfortably on our ranch. We are proud to say our chickens are raised on Non-GMO grains and they never touch corn or soy. These chickens grow plump and tasty off nature’s best.

Nature is Better

Pastured chicken and other healthy labels do not always mean what you hope because of silly loopholes in the regulations. Rafter W Ranch pastured chickens really do live outside and forage in their natural environment. They follow our herd of cattle around and keep our pastures clean.

This article shows that meat from chickens raised outside naturally, is “higher in vitamin E, higher in monounsaturated fat, higher in omega-3 fat, lower in omega-6 fat, and lower in the ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s.” Which means the meat is tastier, healthier, and especially heart healthy, what more could you want?

If you want to feed your family nature’s best, Rafter W Ranch will have a limited number of true pastured chickens available in Summer and Fall. Put your deposit down on one of these pastured chickens today by clicking here.