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Eggs are an amazing food for just about everyone. Health-wise, they’re packed with benefits. They’re filling to eat, low in calories, and carbohydrates and almost every diet on the market include them as part of the menu.

Health benefits

The only problems with listing the health benefits is knowing where to begin. First of all, we should tell you that not all eggs are equal. Some say, ” An egg, is an egg, as an egg.” Well, in an interview given by KUSA TV, to nutrition expert, Dr. Rachel Yan, pasture raised chickens are the healthiest, and produce the healthiest eggs. They’re raised on what they’re meant to eat at the all-you-can-eat chicken smorgasbord; worms, and bugs. You know that when they’re raised right they have the best benefits.

They have a ton of vitamins which include the following:
Vitamin K (Potassium)
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Vitamin B5, 6, 12, and 2
Excellent source of Omega 3

It’s a wonder why the incredible egg isn’t marketed as a multivitamin, right?


This little power food is easily one of the most convenient foods available. If you have need for a snack that will carry you till dinner and won’t make you crash after an hour, grab a hard-boiled egg. You’re a hard worker, you need energy, not something that tells your body to go take a nap.

If your young’uns are hungry, make a quick egg salad sandwich, which means less sugar, better energy, and tastes great.
Eggs are an all around healthier choice for just about everybody. They can keep us going without a sudden crash like sugar. They offer a wealth of great vitamins, and minerals, and readily available for a convenient snack. All in all, they’re considered one of the best foods on the planet.