Pasture-Raised Beef

Open sky, fields of grass, and not a single grain in sight. That’s what pasture-raised beef means. How far would you be willing to drive to make your purchase? Depending on where you live, you could

  1. drive a few hours to a nearby farm
  2. travel to a farmers’ market
  3. purchase online
  4. have it delivered to your home or to a group purchasing club

Of course, the last option would be extremely limited, and even costly, option. But, for the first two options, how far would you be willing to drive? You could always make a day or weekend trip if you aren’t blessed to be within a couple of hours of a family-run ranch, like Rafter W Ranch.

Rafter W Ranch

Our cattle are born, raised, and fed their entire lives in our Colorado pastures. To avoid overgrazing, the cattle are moved to a new pasture each day. Sometimes they’re moved twice in one day, allowing the soil to be reworked thanks to our chickens. (That’s another part of our holistic story.)

We’re never flexible with our standards for our pastures, just ask the fine folks at the American Grassfed Research & Education Foundation who come out to inspect our farm every 15 months. But when it comes to your purchase of our pasture-fed beef, we’re pretty flexible. You can:

  1. come to the Rafter W Ranch, a quick hour and 15 minutes northeast of Colorado Springs. If you’re in Denver and don’t mind a 5-hour round-trip, we’re southeast of the city.
  2. place an order on our website and select a convenient pickup location in Colorado Springs, Black Forest, or Parker.
  3. shop online  here and we’ll ship it to your front door. (While you’re on our website, check out our tips for cooking your purchase just right!)

Once you try it, you’ll agree that pasture-fed beef is a pleasure worth a few hours on the road or paying the cost of shipping. Place your order today!