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Can chicken soup really help when you’re sick?


Picture this: you’re sniffling, sneezing, and an orchestra of coughs is playing in your chest. Who comes to the rescue? A superhero in a bowl, aka chicken soup! This culinary cuddle has been the go-to comfort food globally for centuries (probably longer …), morphing to fit local taste buds from noodle-laden delights in the U.S. to unique cultural concoctions elsewhere.

But did you know that the chicken soup saga dates back to feathered friends in ancient China and a certain Roman surgeon’s medical magnum opus around 60 A.D.? Fast-forward to today, and we’re all wondering: is this brothy elixir legit science or just soul-soothing folklore?

Well, as a culinary detective with a nutrition specialist badge (a.k.a. MOM!), I’m here to spill the beans (or should I say, broth?). What makes chicken soup the MVP (Most Valuable Potage) when you’re under the weather is a little thing called “umami.” It’s like the secret handshake among the taste bud gang — sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Umami is the “meaty” maestro conducting this flavorful symphony.

Now, here’s where it gets sciency: this umami goodness is packed with amino acids, like glutamate, that are basically your body’s construction crew. They’re crucial for building proteins and, guess what, they’re found in other yum-factors like cheese, mushrooms, and soy sauce too.

But why does this matter when you’re sick? Imagine your appetite is a scared cat, and the illness is a cucumber (have you seen those videos?). Your appetite jumps high and hides away. That’s no good because you need all the nutritious ammo to fight back. Chicken soup, with its umami charm, is like a cat whisperer for your appetite. Science says so!

It doesn’t stop there. Umami is like a VIP pass for your proteins, helping them get absorbed in the digestive party. This means fewer tummy troubles, which sneak attack you alongside those pesky respiratory rascals.

Plus, chicken soup is like a peace treaty for your body’s civil war, aka inflammation. It can actually send a “chill out” memo to white blood cells that cause inflamed tissues during a cold or flu. How cool is that?

But, not all chicken soups wear capes. Those canned, ultra-processed soups? They’re like superheroes without their powers. Homemade soup, brimming with chicken, veggies, and (if you’re team USA) noodles, brings the nutritious thunder! They’re the Avengers of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. Even the steam has superpowers, helping clear out the nose goblins (ew, mucus).

So, how do you get the most out of your bowl? Go homemade with a rainbow of veggies, herbs, and spices. If you’re in a pinch, be a label sleuth to avoid the nutrient-tricksters.

Long story short, science gives a thumbs up to your grandma’s favorite remedy. Chicken soup may not be a magic potion, but it’s certainly a comforting sidekick in healing.

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