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Do you enjoy a family focused atmosphere?

Do you love open land and great weather?

Do you want to learn innovative grazing practices?

Dream Careers Begin at Rafter W Ranch

Become a Ranch Hero and Be a Part of Something Better

We want what you want … honest, clean food. We help unlock the benefits to human health, animal welfare, soil health, and carbon sequestration that grass fed beef (and other meats) can provide. Our animals grow completely naturally.  That means they’re born on our pastures and spend their entire lives on our pastures. If you live in Denver, Colorado Springs, Elizabeth or surrounding areas, you know we have great pastures out here. Our cattle, chickens, and lambs know it too.

Our cows are never fed anything but grass and minerals. And, of course, all of our animals are “drug-free”. You can help us sustain our way of ranching, our way of life, for the benefits of our customers. We not only do things right, we do things better. And, if you really want to know what to call what we do “better” you can call it regenerative agriculture. Read about it HERE (so when we ask you about it in the interview you can be as excited as we are …).

Become our next great team member today. Dream careers begin in ranching. See what positions are available (below) and be a part of our family here at Rafter W Ranch.


Job Opportunities


Part-Time Ranch Hand Needed



Our ranch hands prime responsibilities are to assist the Ranch Manager with daily ranch tasks which include:

  • Feed our amazing cattle
  • Assist moving those amazing cattle 1-2x day (potentially in multiple locations)
  • Package our awesome customers orders
  • Maintain adequate fuel level in equipment, we need to work around the ranch
  • Assist with our chickens; Move, feed and assist with harvesting (4 Sundays during summer)
  • Gather eggs (carefully of course), cleaning nest boxes, and candle eggs
  • Set-up temporary electric fence daily, as needed
  • Fence repairs, as needed

Secondary Responsibilities as needed:

  • Move sheep, yes we have sheep
  • Assist in taking freezer inventory
  • Affix stickers to frozen meat, as needed
  • Other requested projects as necessary
  • 20 to 30 hour work weeks, depending on projects

Our Ranch hands report to the Assistant Ranch Manager.

Please email Lance if you are interested at: