Do you make vacation plans in advance? Plan or budget ahead of time for holidays and larger purchases? The same forethought can be very valuable when it comes to buying pastured beef and chicken in bulk. It helps the producer, and it helps you, in more ways than one.

Plan Ahead

Unlike industrial producers, who have climate-controlled poultry houses and who hatch and harvest birds every week all year long, pasture-based operations work in cooperation with nature. The advantages are many, but one drawback is that you can’t expect to produce the same exact product day in and day out with the yearly ebb and flow of temperature and daylight. Grass doesn’t grow in our region in January! Pastured chicken is produced in the late spring and summer. Beef is the same way. While cattle certainly over-winter just fine on hay, the best weight (and nutrient profile) is put on while they’re on rich pasture. That means the best product is available through summer.

Fill That Freezer

Buying in bulk is also an excellent way to save money. Per pound, you’re paying less than you would if you bought the same amount by week or month. Additionally, you have actual food security – if there’s a disruption in deliveries to your area, your family won’t go hungry while it’s sorted out. You can plan ahead and know you have steaks for grilling on the weekend, a nice roast for a holiday meal, and a chicken dinner every Sunday, if that’s what you want. You get the best product (harvested at peak nutrition) and are able to enjoy it year round.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Now is the time to take advantage of the season. Reserve your pastured beef and chicken by preordering (chicken here) from our shop. This ensures your order will be filled first, while any last-minute buyers might not have their chance (Here are some ideas for budgeting for a bulk purchase, so you can be ready next year if this season isn’t an option. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of pastured meat!). Please contact us if you have any questions.