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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s DEFENDER has done us all a wonderful service by shining the light on the plethora of pharmaceutical efforts to create mRNA vaccines for livestock. Yes, LIVESTOCK mRNA. Nope, not joking.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE can be found HERE, make sure to check it out and read the comments. Interesting conversation.


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The important thing to realize is that the popular backlash against off-the-shelf livestock antibiotic use came to a halt in 2021; these medications now require a veterinarian’s prescription. Of course, plenty of unscrupulous veterinarians, working for industrial corporate companies, can write these in-house.   And within the industry, almost nobody believes rampant antibiotic use posed any threats to humans.  Their silo is simple:  make cows grow faster.  Or chickens or pigs or whatever.  Plenty of livestock is still getting antibiotics.

When Bill Clinton was elected president and hired a French chef who promised “free range chicken” the conservative talk-show and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan interviewed me for his show.  His first question:  “What is different between your pastured chickens and the ones in regular industry houses?”

            My quick reply:  “Mine don’t do drugs.” 

            Pat:  “Why do they use drugs?” 

            Me:  “To make them grow faster . . .” 

He interrupted (as talk radio hosts are wont to do):  “What could possibly be wrong with making something grow faster?”

Folks, cancer is a fast growth.  This idea that nature has no balance, that no ecological boundaries exist, that life manipulation and re-arrangement has no limiting protocols, is endemic in food-as-machine thinking.  While consumer advocates celebrated a great victory by supposedly reducing antibiotic use in livestock, it fired up the vaccine industry. Have we traded the devil for the witch?

Post-covid, we now know that perhaps mRNA injections have more negative side effects than antibiotics.  Like a lot of things, the higher the tech and the less accessible for the average person, the more catastrophic the side affects if things go awry.  In other words, herbal remedies for covid would never cause myocardial infarction — heart attacks for most of us.

The livestock vaccine (including LIVESTOCK mRNA) industry is exploding, much of it financed by taxpayer money through government initiatives.  In other words, without taxpayer subsidies, these things would develop much slower.  But as it is, public money stolen from you and me through confiscatory taxes is like throwing rum at a pirate.  It makes them go wild.

Will the unintended consequences of mRNA injections in livestock be worse than MRSA and Cdiff, the most prominent superbugs created by antibiotic resistance?  Nobody knows.  Nature often doesn’t issue its progress report immediately.  It takes awhile.  Just like it takes awhile to know whether your parenting skills yielded kids that don’t go to jail.

Delayed reaction is baked into a lot of things, including technology and certainly including manipulative instruments below the cellular level.  We’re not talking here about salves and ointments.  How about instead of creating a $30 billion per year livestock mRNA industry, we create a livestock sector that’s fundamentally healthy, with a robust immune system?  Doesn’t that sound like a better investment?

What we need is every fan of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to refuse to take their grandchildren to McDonald’s.  Surely we can suffer a bit of inconvenience by refusing to patronize entities that think health comes out of an mRNA jab. If the 37 percent of the U.S. population that refused the covid jab would boycott all industrial food, it would completely collapse the industrial food complex.  That’s certainly not as big a sacrifice as facing a death squad.

If you had $30 billion a year to invest in healthy livestock each year, how would you spend it?

We, here at Rafter W Ranch wouldn’t spend a CENT on anything near a LIVESTOCK mRNA.