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From the glazed chicken you cooked last week to the soups your grandmother always made when the weather turned cold, we use broths and stocks in everything these days. But what is the real difference between a broth and a stock? Which is the best to use in your cooking? Now, I know you may think that broth and stock are the exact same things, just cooked a little differently, but there are many differences between the two that you might just be surprised.

Bone broths are made exactly out of just what you would think: bones. Bones are boiled on low for several hours until a rich soup has been made. The large the bones, the longer it takes to cook. Bone broths are fantastic aids for your child’s health, as it contains several minerals that help build strong teeth and bones. Bone broth is also good for those that don’t handle milk very well.

Meat stock is a little different and is normally created from a mixture of vegetables and meat that are boiled then drained from the liquid. Stock can be used as a dietary tool to cure gut problems and help you drop those pesky ten pounds that have stuck around since the holidays.

Bone broths and meat stocks are both great dietary tools that are also excellent for making a multitude of healthy, yet tasty foods. The best part is that both stocks and broths can be frozen and left in the freezer for several months until you’re ready to use them again.

Here at Rafter W Ranch we have bones and soup bones to create your own tasty meat stock or broth.