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Why Grass-Finished Lamb is the Superior Choice

Lamb is an underutilized protein by keto enthusiasts, which is a shame because it's a healthy, tasty meat that's packed full of vitamins and minerals. Grass-finished lamb, in particular, is among the most healthy and satisfying meats out there. However, most people...

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Beef Terroir: How Geography Shapes The Taste Of Meat

Beef Terroir Have you ever tasted beef and wondered how it gets its complex flavors or what part of the world it comes from? Or did the last time you had steak get you thinking about how a natural, grass-only diet affects the meat's unique characteristics? No? Well,...

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Baby Superfoods

Rafter W Ranch is very interested in improving the health and wellness of everyone, including babies! Here are a few points we think are important and relevant to share with you about baby superfoods.

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Grass-fed Ground Beef Recipes

Rafter W Ranch Grass-fed Ground Beef Recipes: ________________________________________________________________________________ Beef Sausage 4 Tbsp. dried sage 4 Tbsp. salt 4 Tbsp. ground nutmeg 4 Tbsp. coconut sugar 1 Tbsp. dried rosemary 1 Tbsp. black pepper 1 Tbsp....

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3 Advantages of Buying in Bulk

The idea of buying meat in bulk may seem like an embarrassment of riches. After all, you're just shopping for your family, not a restaurant. But, if you can make room in your budget and in your freezer, stocking up on restaurant-quality beef and chicken is a...

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Grass Fed Lamb

What do lamb, hogget, and mutton have in common? They are all names for the meat of domestic sheep, depending on the age of the sheep. A young sheep is called a lamb in its first year of life, when it does not yet have any permanent incisor teeth, and the meat of this...

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Field to Freezer – Humane Livestock Processing

Humane Processing At Rafter W Ranch we strive to give all our animals the best life possible. We do our best to respect the nature of the beast, whether it's chickens allowed to peck and scratch, or cattle and sheep eating grass and meandering over green pastures. We...

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