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3 Advantages of Buying in Bulk

The idea of buying meat in bulk may seem like an embarrassment of riches. After all, you're just shopping for your family, not a restaurant. But, if you can make room in your budget and in your freezer, stocking up on restaurant-quality beef and chicken is a...

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Grass Fed Lamb

What do lamb, hogget, and mutton have in common? They are all names for the meat of domestic sheep, depending on the age of the sheep. A young sheep is called a lamb in its first year of life, when it does not yet have any permanent incisor teeth, and the meat of this...

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Field to Freezer – Humane Livestock Processing

Humane Processing At Rafter W Ranch we strive to give all our animals the best life possible. We do our best to respect the nature of the beast, whether it's chickens allowed to peck and scratch, or cattle and sheep eating grass and meandering over green pastures. We...

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Why Our Hens Aren’t Vegetarians

Egg Labels It's common today to see eggs at the store touting some label or phrase to set them apart from the standard, conventionally produced egg. Things such as "cage-free," and "free-range," (which really aren't as noble as they sound) are common, and even...

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Regenerative Pasture Raising Makes Healthier Animal Products

Who likes the thought of eating chemicals? That's right, absolutely no one! So why do we allow the industry to infuse animal products with chemicals? How do chemicals make their way into animal products? Let's look at the meat industry. Industrial mass-produced meat...

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Buying Pastured Meat In Bulk

Do you make vacation plans in advance? Plan or budget ahead of time for holidays and larger purchases? The same forethought can be very valuable when it comes to buying pastured beef and chicken in bulk. It helps the producer, and it helps you, in more ways than one....

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The Blessings Of Traditional Chicken Broth

We at Rafter W Ranch have long advocated the nose-to-tail use of our animals. Using as much of the chicken as possible reduces waste, and is a way to honor its life and death — while it adds to our own health and vigor. Here are some of the many benefits of making chicken broth with the feet.

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