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Nose to Tail: Offal Isn’t Awful, It’s Amazing!

Nose To Tail Eating Friends, we know that if you've enjoyed Rafter W Ranch produce, you've already made responsible land stewardship a priority in your buying. Or maybe you found us because you believe in the nutritional benefits of grass-fed, pastured meats, or...

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Offal – A Prime Source of Healthy Fat

Offal. The word may sound unappetizing but, did you know that you can find more nutrients and flavor there than from the outside of the animal? Offal is the official word for organ meat - liver, brain, kidney, heart, and others. Every culture around the world has a...

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Eating Grass-fed Liver Induces an Amazing, Healthy Pregnancy

Supplement New Life with Liver! Hello there, expecting mothers! Did you know that grass-fed beef liver is a great choice to add to your diet while your little one is developing in the womb? That's right! beef liver is highly concentrated with vitamins and nutrients...

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Why The T-Bone is a Top Choice Cut

A favorite cut of steak can become quite intriguing, especially if you're a steak connoisseur. A funny comment was overheard about someone who doesn't like to eat a New York Strip, but a T-bone is a favorite choice cut. If you're not familiar with the anatomy of the...

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Why Grass-Finished Lamb is the Superior Choice

Lamb is an underutilized protein by keto enthusiasts, which is a shame because it's a healthy, tasty meat that's packed full of vitamins and minerals. Grass-finished lamb, in particular, is among the most healthy and satisfying meats out there. However, most people...

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Beef Terroir: How Geography Shapes The Taste Of Meat

Beef Terroir Have you ever tasted beef and wondered how it gets its complex flavors or what part of the world it comes from? Or did the last time you had steak get you thinking about how a natural, grass-only diet affects the meat's unique characteristics? No? Well,...

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Baby Superfoods

Rafter W Ranch is very interested in improving the health and wellness of everyone, including babies! Here are a few points we think are important and relevant to share with you about baby superfoods.

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Grass-fed Ground Beef Recipes

Rafter W Ranch Grass-fed Ground Beef Recipes: ________________________________________________________________________________ Beef Sausage 4 Tbsp. dried sage 4 Tbsp. salt 4 Tbsp. ground nutmeg 4 Tbsp. coconut sugar 1 Tbsp. dried rosemary 1 Tbsp. black pepper 1 Tbsp....

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