Grass-finished lamb: Let your taste-buds run wild

February 10, 2018


Lamb has been a celebrated delicacy across the world for hundreds of years. In America it might not be the table nightly but it should. Grass-finished lamb is more nutritious and lean than its traditional counterparts and even tastier for you. Consider these benefits and you might find some of our Grass-finished lamb on your table.
According to Stanley A. Fishman, author of Tender Grass-fed Meat, Grass-finished lamb has a number of benefits waiting to improve your health.

The Taste: 

Grass-finished lamb is less greasy and more flavorful than its grain-fed counterparts. The taste of lamb meat after it's been harvested is greatly flavored by whatever the lamb had been eating. Now would you rather have lamb that had been eating aromatic and flavorful herbs, grasses and flowers or plain grain? Give me the grass-fed please.

The Texture: 

Grass-finished lamb has a firmer and more pleasing texture than it's grain-finished counterparts. Some say that conventional lamb meat tastes "like a greasy blob", whereas grain-finished lamb has a firm and enjoyable texture.

The Nutrition: 

While lamb is already better for you than many other types of meat, eating grass-finished lamb makes it even healthier. All of the extra grasses, flowers, and herbs mean that diverse and complex nutrition is coming through the lamb to your plate.

If given the choice between conventional methods and grass-finished it's easy to see which is better and tastier. You'll never know what you are missing until you've tasted our grass-finished lamb here at Rafter W. Ranch. Give us a call!

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