Grass-Finished Lamb

February 5, 2018

Hey, everyone! As you know, we are now offering an additional selection of fresh meat at the ranch; grass-finished lamb. It has been a lot of fun bringing this new flock into the family, and we love the unique characteristics of the animals. Because lamb is not consumed to the degree that other meats are in the United States, we wanted to share some information that you may find interesting.

Did you know that raising sheep is the oldest recognized aniamal production in human history? That's right, those sheep and us go way back! Why sheep and not other varieties of cattle? Those ancient shepherds must have recognized the value (both nutritional and culinary) of the meat; grass-fed/grass-finished lamb is one of the most beneficial meats available! Diets that consume high levels of lamb meat, such as those along the Mediterranean (gyros, anyone?), have resulted in generations of excellent cardiovascular health. This is due to the lower percentage of fat in the meat, but also because of the very rich content of omega-3's! So, not only is lamb delicious, it is good for you; the more you add it to your diet, the healthier you'll be.

Australia and New Zealand are currently the largest exporters of lamb, but look out! ...because Rafter W Ranch is stepping up to the plate (pun intended). So, take your place in line of this ancient culinary adventure, find a few of your favorite recipes and get ready to enjoy our grass/finished lamb. Available March 2018!


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