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Grass Finished Cattle, Are They the Answer to Saving the Environment?

You might be surprised to know that grass finished cattle could help bring an end to global warming. I know, I know. You’ve probably heard all about the harm that cattle ranching poses to the environment. But that’s not the whole truth.


The Problem

Years ago, there was a lot of carbon in the earth’s soil. In fact, it was about 20% carbon. But then agriculture took over. And after years of chemicals and plowing, some places have as little as 1% carbon in the soil. Much of that carbon has ended up in the atmosphere. That contributes to global warming, and is one of the reasons you hear people blame cattle ranching for global warming. Ironically, cattle ranching may be able to stop global warming.


More Grass Growth

Although you might think that cattle only deplete grass, they actually help them grow. As cows wander around a pasture, they spread seeds for new grasses. Certain grazing techniques move the cattle before they completely destroy grass. This gives it a chance to grow back, and the grasses grown into beautiful fields.

And those grasses are what can improve the atmosphere. They take a massive amount of carbon out of the air and put it back into the soil- exactly where you want it. If more people used this technique, the impact on the atmosphere could be tremendous. Grass finished cattle could be partially responsible for improving the air quality. That is no small feat, and is just another reason eating grass finished cattle is so great.

Can grass finished cattle alone solve the issue of global warming? Probably not. But they are part of a solution to getting the atmosphere healthy. And that’s just one more reason to enjoy your steak (that you can ORDER below, directly from Rafter W Ranch!).