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Wow, A Lot Going On … and That May Be an Understatement!

This post of “A Day on the Ranch” features baby chicks, calf chronicles, and a ranch wedding (um, well there was supposed to be one …).

Images and videos courtesy of Rowan and Tess, amazing work you two (as always)!  🙂

FIRST OFF, we have to begin with some really cute baby chicks ….


VIDEO BELOW of calf ear tagging and measuring the calf’s hoof for its “weight”.



Ah, and now a few images of the ranch wedding that was moved to an arena nearby, which turned out to be fantastic. That “predictable” Colorado weather.  😉  One of the images is Bryan with Liev and Iliyah. Iliyah was the flower petal tosser. 😉 Liev was the ring handler. A beautiful day, beautiful wedding, and beautiful couple. We are blessed beyond words.